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Coexistence by Clare Solomon

Title: Coexistence
Author: Clare Solomon
Genre: M/M Paranormal Romance/Sci-Fi

Scientists have genetically engineered five human hybrid races known as werewolves, vampires, dragons, sensers and wendigoes. The first four races coexist with humans in relative peace. The fifth one wants to butcher the others and they are getting stronger.

Jaspal ‘Pal’ Khatri is nearly killed and forced to leave his home with a werewolf pack in Oxford, England when the local HyCO group leads a mob of anti-hybrid rioters against them. He travels to the Highlands of Scotland for a fresh start and meets Brand, a werewolf still grieving after the murder of his lover, Kye, a year ago. He and Brand find a dead vampire and Pal is suddenly in the nightmare situation of being accused of the murder. There is a link between this death and that of Kye and Brand works for another branch of HyCO so, to prove his innocence, Pal must join the organisation he loathes and try to ignore his growing feelings for Brand as they work to solve the case.

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"Inadequate human senses," Pal joked.

Brand returned the offered smile as they headed towards the tall pines. Pal noticed that there seemed to be fewer birds around than usual, as if something had scared them away from the area. After about ten minutes’ walk the grass gave way to earth covered in a layer of pine needles that pricked his bare feet.

The friendly mood between the men had changed to unease as they got closer to the area and the expectation of finding one animal killed by another vanished. The faint smell of blood they had detected while still werewolves was replaced by the stench of charred meat.

What were they walking into? Perhaps he was over-reacting thinking there was something sinister here. After Oxford his nerves were still raw but he had the worrying thought that this could be a trap. His companion’s presence beside him was the one thing that reassured him.

They kept moving, Pal braced for what they would find. It was taking longer than it should have. He had been right in criticizing human senses – in werewolf form they could have found the source of that unnerving odour in minutes. They rounded a large pine and both of their footsteps faltered then came to a halt.

Pal stared at the grisly sight in front of them. Although badly burnt the object on the ground was still recognizable as a human body.

Clare Solomon was born in Hertfordshire, England, later moving to Somerset then Birmingham before finally settling in the Highlands of Scotland. She has worked in a variety of jobs including legal secretary and sales assistant but always wanted to be an author. She began writing novels as a teenager, several decades ago, tried unsuccessfully to get a publisher and is now thrilled to be able to self-publish through Amazon and finally share her books with actual real people.

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Vote for the Next Merging Worlds Book Cover

For The Lost Sciell: Book 3 of The Merging Worlds series, I'm doing things a little different. I usually give a peak at how the cover was created. ( I might still do that.) Instead, you'll decide which cover will be the one. Comment or use the form at the bottom of the post to vote. Suggestions welcome! You have until Sunday 7/3 to vote. The winning cover will be announced on July 4th. If you're interested in the making of the winning cover, something similar to this POST, let me know!




Here's a draft of the book's description:

If you enjoy unique dark tales with a diverse cast, you’ll love The Merging Worlds series.
The Masters of Darkness are slowly turning Jael into a land filled with horrors. The air can poison humans. Nature wants to kill them. Lifeblood beings thought they were safe. They were wrong.
Divine Mathews only wants his family to be happy and safe. His wish came true for only a moment. His family isn’t safe, no matter where they go, no matter how many shields they put over themselves. What’s worse, he’s becoming a danger to everyone around him. The Masters of Darkness want to use him to take over Jael. Divine trains his power so it can’t be used against those he cares about. His training fails. Instead, he relies more on Josephine Royal. His feeling for her deepens. His power could never hurt her. It always listens to her. She’s becoming the most important person in his life.

Bel Steyne worked for years to collect enough wealth so his family always had what they needed. He thought his house was the safest place in Jael. Darkness can find them no matter where they hide. All his years of planning fall apart. He leads his family around Jael in hopes of finding a new home. To make matters worse, his siblings aren’t acting the way he expected. They spent years ignoring each other. Now Bel is realizing Josephine and Blae were pretending they didn’t want a relationship with him. Divine is supposed to fix that emotional stuff. Bel is discovering there are some problems a big brother should fix, a lesson he has no interest in learning.

Enemies come at them from all directions. Humans are creating weapons to kill them. Lifeblood beings can only wander around, hoping to stumble on the answers they need to survive.
Here are covers of other books in The Merging Worlds series:

Thanks for voting!

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The Week in Links 6/23/16: Harry Potter, Facebook, Book Cover Design

Do You Write for Young Adults or Millenials? Then Try Snapchat
Jaime Lannister and Sympathetic Monsters: A look at a Master

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Black Water Tales: The Unwanted by Jean Nicole Rivers

Title: Black Water Tales: The Unwanted
Author: Jean Nicole Rivers
Genre: New Adult Psychological Horror

In the remote, eastern European town of Borslav there is St. Sebastian orphanage, a place where people discard their unwanted children. For the American, Blaire Baker, it’s the perfect place to volunteer her services. Paired with a cheerful volunteer nurse, Blaire is enthusiastic about the possibilities, but is quickly discouraged when she encounters the nefarious nature of the staff and the deplorable conditions of the facility and the children.

Upon arrival, one of the children informs Blaire, “There’s something in the basement.” It isn’t long before strange things begin happening, including Blaire’s flashbacks of the accident that killed her parents. The children soon suffer injuries that Blaire, first, fears may be the deeds of the callous workers but she soon thinks the abuse may originate from a source that is less than human, something unwanted.

The unwanted is coming but in order for Blaire to fight it, she must dig into St. Sebastian and herself in search of truth. Blaire wants nothing more than to help the children, but when she discovers the tragedy that happened in the basement and learns that the same evil forces are still at work, it will be Blaire who needs help…There’s something in the basement.


OH MY GOD I LOVED THIS STORY! If I could pick a novel to be turned into a major motion picture, I would pick Black Water Tales: The Unwanted. This thriller/horror story is sooo scary! And I loved every minute of it! --A Well Read Woman Book Review

I got chills so many times and couldn't read it before bed! --A Book Lover’s Life Book Blog

The book starts off right away with the creepy and it doesn't let up until the end. – Vik Booklover

I was completely engaged in the story and had a hard time putting it down, partly because I was interested in the answers and partly because I was terrified, and also just because it was just a really well written read. -- SMADA's Book Smack

Soft scratching echoed through the room and Blaire woke, tossing on the thin mattress. The scratching continued, morphing into whispers some moments, and then hissing the next.

“Rats,” she whispered to herself, solving the facile mystery. She lifted herself and placed her feet into her plush slippers. Through the blur of sleep she looked at them, and then up at the room, realizing they too did not match this place, fur covered and embroidered with a designer logo that reminded anyone who cared. Blaire removed her feet from the slippers and used her toes to send them sailing under the bed. The floor was cold under her naked feet and it felt good.

Blaire cringed at the loud groaning of the bedroom door as she opened it. She looked to Travis who moved just slightly in his bed, nowhere near consciousness. Blaire’s feet began to drag across the hall floor toward the bathroom when she stopped. Down the hall, by the stairs an almost imperceptible whimper called to her. Whimpering gave way to the cry of a baby.

No babies, no babies. There were no babies at St. Sebastian, Marko’s words suddenly came charging toward her. Starting toward the stairs, her feet stopped abruptly. She took a step back as the baby screamed now, the excruciating wails blaring. A forceful trembling started somewhere deep inside her as she watched a tiny pale hand reach up over the top step. Blaire cupped her mouth as the baby struggled to pull its small body up. It was coming for her just like the blood on the basement steps. Then it stood there on chubby little legs, with its arms stretched out at difficult angles. Little dimples dotted the knuckles of its stubby rubber hands. Blaire’s mouth gaped open as the headless body of Dolly made wobbly baby steps toward her.

Jean Nicole Rivers is a great lover of reading and writing. Although she loves varied genres, the horror/thriller genre is her favorite. Jean Nicole has been writing poetry and short stories since she was a child, but has always aspired to master the art of storytelling through novels. The Unwanted is the second story in her series of Black Water Tales, following The Secret Keepers.

Jean Nicole was awarded 3rd place in the National Black Book Festival’s 2013 Best New Author competition and she enjoys the honor of having written featured articles for popular reader websites and blogs, such as Digital Book Today and The Masquerade Crew.

Jean Nicole Rivers graduated from Florida International University with a bachelor of arts in philosophy, and she lives in Houston, Texas.

Become friends with her at Follow her on Twitter @Jeannicole19. Check out her Instagram @Jeannicole19 or visit her at

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Meet the Monsters of The Merging Worlds Series

My characters can be viewed as monsters depending on who's judging them. I enjoy writing demons, monsters, creatures... They grow to embrace their "other" side. Most of the world sees these characters as abominations. They have little trouble killing someone they believe deserves it.

The Del'Praeli are worse. They're animals in human form. They'd eat people if you let them. Shade did eat a person. School civilized them... on the outside. There are two types of Del'Praeli-- the Sciell who have a core as their power source and the regular ones without a core.

The Del'Praeli/Sciell  used to be human but were turned. They're stronger and slightly less animalistic than those born Del'Praeli. They formed an unlikely bond. They're now a family.

Tearani Delica and Lafeyette Slaughter
They're the oldest, in their 80s. They're like the parents of the family. Lafayette raised his younger brother Vayle. Tearani acts like everyone's mom. Everyone is afraid of her. As the oldest, they're the most powerful and the scariest.

They perfected the glare that puts fear in anyone. Tearani and Lafeyette are in a relationship, have been since they were children. They were both abused as children but they embraced that darkness and learned to be a light to others.

They both have many scars. Neither shows off their skin. Tearani and Lafeyette wear long sleeves even in the summer.

Niah Weems
Her guardians raised her to be pretty and delicate. She was more interested in sword fighting and practiced on her own in secret. She's the best fighter in the group. She also makes a living as a traveling dancer.

Niah used to bully Shade when they were children. As she got older, she learned to show compassion. Now, she treats Shade like her little sister. Niah is the curvy one of the family. She hates the attention she gets. She wears flowing clothes to hide her figure.

Vayle Slaughter
Five years younger than his brother Lafeyette and the same age as Niah. He's the most prone to violence especially when it comes to Niah and Shade. He helped raise Shade. Vayle and Shade aren't blood siblings but they treat each other like they're related. Vayle's mouth can get pretty foul, to the horror of his little sister. He and Niah exchange insults for fun.

Vayle had a period where he didn't like Shade. He used to protect her, that was his job. She stopped needing him for that. Vayle didn't know what to do with himself. He resented Shade from growing up. It took awhile but he repaired their relationship and found a new purpose.

Xurice Altor
He's smart, like really smart. Most of family finds him annoying sometimes because he can be arrogant about his intelligence. They go to him whenever they have a problem they can't solve. He's four years younger than Vayle and Niah.

When he was younger, he worshiped Vayle and Lafeyette because he didn't believe he was anything special. He grew out of that. He's the calm one of the group. It takes a lot to get him to fly into a rage.

Shade Harrellite
Vayle and Lafeyette's little sister. She's the baby of the group and keeps everyone from being too serious. She's a force to be reckoned with when she gets serious.

Most Del'Praeli/Sciell have one core. Shade has four rolled into one unusually large core. This means, despite being the youngest, she's almost as powerful asTearani and Lafeyette.  Shade is the only one related to the original Sciell. Shade's discovering she enjoys teaching others about life and their powers.

These characters a very different from where they started in Book 1. 3 books and several years matured them, helped them find out who they really are and what they want. I never go into a story thinking this character will grow up to be this. I bring the characters to life then watch them grow and form relationships.

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C*U*R*R*E*N*T*L*Y Blog Hop- Summer 2016

My writerly pals and I are sharing summer dreams in the C*U*R*R*E*N*T*L*Y Blog Hop - Summer 2016. Read and enjoy. Then check out the other #Gr8Blogs listed at the end of this post for more C*U*R*R*E*N*T*L*Y inspiration. (The Week in Links will return next week!)

​We hope you'll be inspired to join us and post your summer inspiration and dreams, too.

Currently Reading
R.A. Salvatore's The Crystal Shard has been on my to-read list for awhile. Until recently, I didn't have the money to buy it. Now, I own it and I'm diving into it. I love The Legend of Drizzt.

Currently Watching
It's a great time to watch some shows outside. Too bad the sun makes it so hard to see anything on my screen. It's still fun to try. I can find something nice and bright to watch.

All my shows are on break. To YouTube! I switch between binge watching horror short films and laughing at PewDiePie scream and curse at horror video games. I've also started watching Jenna Moreci's channel. Amazing how much time you can kill on YouTube.

Currently Thinking About
It's official. I have a MS in Publishing from NYU.

It's my second masters. Now I'm trying to figure out how to live my dream. I want to continue with my business. It'll involve selling my photos and books. I also want to be a freelance book publishing and marketing consultant. I already offer advice here for free. I need to figure out how to get people to pay for it.

Currently Anticipating
I'm releasing three books this year. (There are a lot of 3's coming up.) Book 3 of The Merging Worlds series, The Lost Sciell, overlapped with my thesis project which took up most of my bandwidth. Because of that, my publisher and I had to keep pushing back the The Lost Sciell's release date. In the end, we switched it with the release date of Book 3 of The Jura Series, no title yet.

That will come out some time next month. The Lost Sciell will be released mid-to-late August.
The last book this year will come out in October. It'll be a sequel to either Devdan Manor or The Marked Hosts or maybe a Merging Worlds series side story.

Currently Wishing
I have a lot of art for sale online: books, photos, book covers. My wish is they'll sell enough that I can earn a living from them. I'd also like to buy more lenses for my camera.

Currently Seeing in My Camera Lens
I haven't pulled out my camera lately. I took a ton of shots on vacation and I haven't gone through half of them. I'm deciding which ones I'll be submitting to  Shutterstock, 123RF and/or Dreamstime.

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If you’re pumped about writing your own Currently - Summer 2016 post, add your family-friendly Currently link to your blog post in the comment section. We’ll visit your blog and give you some blog love!

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Guest Post: Time is Golden by Michelle Garren Flye

Time is golden. This expression has always seemed very apt to me, especially the older I get. Time is valuable. Time is money. Gold is our standard for value, and time is our most valuable asset. It’s limited and as variable as a high risk stock, too. How long is an hour? Sixty minutes, but those sixty minutes can race by or crawl…

I’ve been fascinated by time for most of my life. I’ve told the story before of my mother explaining to me that an hour is sixty minutes. Sixty minutes seemed like a lifetime to me then. And seasons lasted eternity. I remember spending winter days inside waiting for warm weather. When could I go outside and pick strawberries from our plants and pin doll clothes on the little clothesline and catch fireflies in a jar? Wait til spring, my mother said. But how long must I wait for spring? Those winter days seemed so long to little me.

Of course now I look back and realize they probably passed in an instant, all those moments and days and months and seasons from my childhood. A blink of an eye and they are gone. Time is golden.

I named my blog “Breathe” to remind myself to stop and breathe every now and then. It’s so easy to get caught in the rush of time and care and deadlines. But every now and then we need to stop and examine what’s going on in our timeline. If we stop every now and then and breathe, we can force time to realign to our will and stop running around like Alice’s rabbit worrying about being late.

Beginning with Out of Time I explore the phenomenon of rushing and crawling time in my Synchronicity series. What if there were a way to slow down and enjoy time more? Maybe we impose an artificial limit of time upon ourselves by always hurrying off to do the next thing instead of taking a breathing moment to enjoy the now.

Enjoy your time because it is golden.

Title: Out of Time
Author: Michelle Garren Flye
Genre: Romantic Fantasy

Tucked away in the mountains of North Carolina, the people of the strange little town of Sanctuary have enjoyed their status as a tourist attraction and Renaissance faire destination for decades. But on her twenty-sixth birthday, Kaelyn Anderson discovers a dark secret about her hometown.

The only reality she’s ever known has proven false. Now, her last hope lies in an unusual alliance with the son of the enemy she didn’t even know she had. Under the protection of Jack, an Elf prince, Kaelyn plunges into Cherokee lore to find the answer that will protect her people from invaders from another world.

Can Kaelyn and Jack form an alliance between three factions to fight their common enemy, or are they out of time?

Jack and Todd continued running for a few seconds before realizing she wasn’t with them. Todd noticed her absence first, grasped his brother’s arm and loped easily back to her side. Jack stopped but didn’t come back.

Todd took her hand, kneeling beside her. “We need to go on, Kaelyn.”

She shook her head, anguish building in her throat. “I can’t.” The words came out with difficulty. Was that a panting breath or a sob? She struggled for control. “Oh God. Please tell me that was all part of my birthday party. It’s just a game, right?” Never mind that she had just run twenty miles faster and with more ease than any marathon winner could have done. Never mind that her brother had looked away when she reminded him they had the same father. Never mind the bleeding, crumpled figure of her father on their tiled kitchen floor…

Richard. She could call Richard. He must have taken her father to the hospital by now. The police had probably swarmed Sanctuary. She could go back. Safety surely lay behind her, and not ahead of her in this unknown forest now creeping with afternoon shadows. She felt for her cell phone in the back pocket of her jeans, fingers curving over its familiar, modern form with relief.

“Kaelyn.” Todd moved in front of her now, his hands on his thighs, his voice anxious.

“Be quiet. I have to call Richard. I have to know if my father—” She broke off, her throat too tight to talk as she punched the power button on her phone.

The screen remained black. What the hell? She’d just charged it. Was it broken? She shook it impatiently.

Todd covered her hand with his and gently removed the phone. Kaelyn looked from him to Jack and back again. “I have to call Richard.”

“You can’t.” Todd brushed her hair back from her face and handed the phone to Jack. “Sweetheart, the phone won’t work anymore. Not here.”

“What do you mean, here? Is the reception bad? We should still be able to get something. There are cell towers all over these mountains. We just have to—”

“What he means is that you’re not part of that world anymore. The one with cell phones and computers and weapons of mass destruction. You aren’t part of it and you probably shouldn’t have ever been there to begin with.” Jack stuck the phone in his coat pocket. “We’re out of time.”

Michelle Garren Flye is an award-winning author of romance and women’s fiction. Reviewers have described her work as: “an engaging novel with charming and likable characters”, a story that “will make you believe in love and second chances”, and a “well-written and thought-provoking novel.”

Michelle placed third in the Hyperink Romance Writing Contest for her short story “Life After”. Her short stories have been published by the romance anthology Foreign Affairs,, and She has served on the editorial staffs of Horror Library, Butcher Shop Quartet and Tattered Souls.

Michelle has a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism and Mass Communication from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and a Master’s degree in Library and Information Science from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. She is the mother of three and lives in North Carolina with her husband and their rapidly growing collection of pets.

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Landscapes, Waterscapes & Inspiration

I always dreamed of taking those beautiful landscape shots. New York doesn't offer many chances for those kinds of photos unless I go upstate. I like cityscapes but I prefer shots with more green in them.

Although I love landscape photography, I have some trouble composing them. If you're taking a picture of an entire scene, how do you determine the subject? Sometimes finding the subject is easy. Other times, not so much. It gets tougher when you're taking a shot of something moving through your scene like a boat or a bird.

I still have a lot to learn but I'm getting there. These photos were taken on my trip to Bermuda.


I'm not an early riser but I got out of bed before 6am to take some photos of the sunrise. 

Getting sunset photos was easier. I just needed to be outside at the right time.

This island gave me some inspiration for my stories. Most of what Bermuda has is imported, the same with places in my stories. It gave me some ideas on how to handle my world and also how houses can collect drinking water from the rain. The buildings in Bermuda are made of limestone which seems to be pretty sturdy material. I decided to change one of the places in my story to a town made of limestone. 

Visit my Facebook page for more pictures!

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10 Things I Learned from Writing a Fantasy Series

  1. Take notes because by Book 3 you'll barely remember what happened in Book 1. My series is almost done and I'm trying to recall every conflict to make sure I address them.

  2. List all your characters' names, ages and appearances. Many times I revisited Book 1 because I didn't remember if a character had black or silver hair. 

  3. On that same note, list every word you make up and include a description of what they are. I created names for things like refrigerators and cars but never put them some place I could easily access them. Many times I was flipping through Book 1, trying to find a name. 

  4. Maps are your friend. You will not remember how to spell every city, town and village in your world. Lahjyion drove me crazy. You may not even remember where your places are located.

  5. Even pansters need a plot guide or outline. What happens in Book 1 will impact Book 3. What happens in Book 3 needs to fit in with the series. While writing Book 2, I needed to change things in Book 1 so the series made sense. Fortunately, I was working on Book 2 before Book 1 was published. 

  6. The series might turn out longer than expected. At first I thought I was writing a trilogy until Book 2 ended up being over 200,000 words. Now, it's a four book series. The problem, Book 1 said The Merging Worlds Trilogy. I changed the cover but even now, I have some print books that say "Trilogy."

  7. Readers probably won't remember what happened in the previous books. They need a refresher and it can't feel like "Previously on The Merging Worlds series." 

  8. Stop stalking Goodreads and Amazon to see if you got any new reviews. 

  9. You might not see sales until well after Book 2 is released.

  10. Follow your characters. If they go in a direction you didn't expect, let them. 

What about you? What did you learn from writing a series?

I'm out of town. I'll be popping by every now and then. Follow me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to see travel pics.  Update: I'm back from vacation.

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The Week in Links 6/3/2015: Thor, Harry Potter, Conjuring 2

Book Marketing and Branding
Book Promotion: Do This, Not That
Can You Relaunch an Old Book?
Multiple Streams of Income from Your Digital Business: Meet Joanna Penn, Creative Entrepreneur
The 8 Worst Cliches in Fiction


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Writers on Writing (Quotes)

Sometimes, looking up writing quotes isn't about being inspired when you're in a slump. It can be about kinship, knowing that other writers feel the same way you do. We may be writers but there are some things even we find difficult to put into words. Reading quotes is also about learning from those who traveled this road before. 

I'll be on vacation next week, going on my first cruise! There won't be a post on Wednesday or Friday. I'll pop in on social media, sharing photos of my trip but I won't be online as often as I usually am.
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